lydia website
lydia website

Lydia is a Nigerian Fintech startup that provides loan services to small businesses and working class individuals. Getting access to loans in Nigeria is very difficult, Most Organizations and banks who offer loan services do require Tangible collateral to hold unto till the debtors pay back their loans. This is a stumbling block for most business owners as they do not have valuable properties to use as collateral, thus impeding their businesses. Lydia is here to solve that challenge as it offers Loans to business owners and working class individuals without the need of collateral.

Lidya is a financial service that helps small businesses in emerging markets with easy access to Financials and credit facilities.  Launched in November 2016, it is on a mission to bridge the credit gap and hopes to achieve this by providing technologies and smart algorithms that makes it easier and fast for small businesses and individuals to access loans.

Why Choose Lydia

  • Simple, Fast & Convenient Access to Loans without Hassles
  • No Collateral is Needed
  • No Hidden Fees Attached


Digitize and streamline the credit assessment process to make it easy for any SME across Africa to access the funding they needed to grow their business

Launched Date

November 2016.


  • Fintech
  • Loans


Funding Rounds



Nigeria: Oko-Awo Close, Victoria Island, Lagos
Portugal: No 129, Floor 7, Office 701, Campo 24 de Agosto, Bonfim, Porto

Facebook: @Lidyadotco

Twitter:  @Lidyadotco

Instagram: @Lidyadotco

Linkedin: lidyadotco

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